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Cabernet Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2008 by Allen Roses, M.D., the pioneering geneticist and former Chief of Neurology at Duke University Medical Center and Senior Vice President of Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline.

Dr. Roses brought to Cabernet his vision for advancing pharmacogenetics (PGx), the study of the genetic basis of variation in individual responses to medicine. He sought to fundamentally change pharmaceutical R&D, first by adopting genetic-based technologies in disease understanding and drug discovery, then by working with regulatory authorities to progress novel study protocols for experimental drugs and companion diagnostics.

He also attracted to Cabernet many of the scientists who shared his vision, who had earlier worked by his side, and who had since established their own reputations and played their own seminal roles in PGx research. The members of this team have held direct or collaborative roles with large pharmaceutical corporations, biotechnology companies, and academic research institutions. They typically have at least 25 years of experience relevant to advancing new medicines to the marketplace.

Since the death of Dr. Roses in 2016, Cabernet has re-committed to his vision and increasingly realized it through work with the company’s clients. The constant objective while working with those clients has been to improve R&D pipeline efficiency, decrease the time and cost of development, strengthen regulatory filings, enhance market acceptance, improve pharmacovigilance—and, as the company founder so often said, “deliver the right medicine to the right patient.”